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Welcome to Nashville Cricket Association, founded in 1994 by a group of cricket enthusiasts across various countries. Since its inception, Nashville Cricket Association has grown tremendously over the years with members from India, Pakistan, Australia, other cricket playing nations and the United States of America. Nashville Cricket Association in association with the Metro Parks & Recreation has built a Cricket field with an artificial turf pitch at the beautiful at the beautiful White Creek, TN.

Recent version of cricket has been invigorated to appeal to all the cricket lovers and critics to show that is catching up with the modern times. Cricket at Whites Creek now comes in three forms to appeal to the followers of the game in Nashville, TN. 40 over league for the old school, (Twenty 20) for the young and the old and finally, NPL 12 overs Taped tennis ball tournament which brings all the corporates in Nashville to clash for this major title at the beginning of each season. NCA hosts an annual NPL taped tennis ball tournament every Sat and Sunday from March to May. NCA uses Whites Creek facility to practice for 40 overs and T20 every Saturday from 9 to 1 pm before NPL kicks off afternoon. NCA also travels to Atlanta, Chattanooga, Alabama and Memphis to participate in tournaments and friendly cricket games. If you are a Cricket enthusiast like us and would like to be a part of Nashville Cricket Association then feel free to drop us a line at the Contact Us page.

#Mission Statement

To promote the game of cricket in Tennessee by providing a positive environment for all individuals to develop their game while having fun.

The objectives of NCA include:

  • Promote, encourage and develop interest for the game of cricket within the Middle Tennessee region;
  • Organize games and tournaments and participate in competitions at local, state and national levels;
  • Ensure that all games are conducted within the laws of cricket and the traditions and spirit of the game intact;
  • Outreach to the general public, as well as other organizations that promote cricket, to develop the game;
  • Educate the general public by distributing information about the sport;
  • Foster the development of youth cricket;
  • Work with reputable professionals to create cricket development programs;
  • Work with local and state officials on matters pertaining to development of cricket for the club;

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#Nashville Premier League

NPL - Nashville Premier League is a brain child of NCA. NPL is a taped tennis ball tournament, this tournament was mainly started to encourage cricket players from all walks of life to start playing cricket again. Most of the cricket players participating in NPL were busy with their professional lives or they had the avenue to play and enjoy the sport they played growing up. NPL became that avenue for the cricket lover who not only watched cricket fervently but has now started playing at the start of the season. NPL 2014 started out with 18 teams. Nashville always had 4 to 6 teams at the maximum, playing leather ball cricket. But 18 teams was a big surprise to the cricket community. Not only that was a surprise but corporate teams took this to the next level with their participation and enthusiasm. NPL 2015 had 22 teams participating and NPL 2016 witnessed 24 teams. From March to May, Nashville is abuzz with NPL games, rankings and everything about cricket. This year we have witnessed businesses wanting to associate with brand NPL. We have been lucky to have the support of Teksystems, Karim Shaik - Realtor, and Persis Biryani - Mount Juliet.

#Music City Cricket League

Music City Cricket League was formerly called Tennessee Cricket League (TCL). TCL was formed in 2006 with 3 teams. 2008 was the first season when NCA won the TCL-Championship. NCA had to wait four more years until 2012 to win their second TCL championship. After recording two-year hiatus (2013 and 2014), TCL was rebranded as Music City Cricket League. Due credit goes to Ayaz Ahmed from MTSU for reinvigorating the interest among the cricket community to play in this league. In its first season after hiatus, MCCL had 7 teams participating in T20 format tournament. NCA won 10 out their 11 games that it played in 2015 season. NCA were also the eventual Co-Champions of the 2015 season along with NCC. 2016 season of MCCL is going to start in May 2016 with 10 teams competing for the championship. 2016 season will also feature all teams in colored clothing playing with white leather ball. These are exciting times for cricket in Nashville, as every season we see huge growth in the cricket community.

#Georgia Supreme Cricket League

Nashville cricket Association members have been participating in this league from 2008 under the team name of Nashville Vols. Nashville Vols was the team formed with the best of the cricket players playing in Nashville. The closest to winning a GASCL championship that Nashville Vols ever game was being a semifinalist but never could go past that. As the years passed, there was decrease in the interest of the players to travel to Atlanta to participate in GASCL as Nashville Vols. In 2013, NCA decided to field its own team in this league. First season was very rough for NCA and they ranked at the bottom of the table. But NCA took the tough experience gained from the first season to improve in the next season. In 2014, NCA played extremely competitive cricket to make it to the semi-finals and finals of both 40 over and 20 over championship but lost both championships to defending champions - Tropical Cricket Club. That again did not deter NCA in 2015 season, again made it to the finals of 40 overs and 20 overs. But this time won the T20 championship but lost the 40 over championship. It has been an amazing journey for NCA cricketers playing in GASCL , as not only the play high quality cricket but they are also selected to represent the club in Southeast regional championship .


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